Since a person's behavior directly depends on his worldview and attitude, the most important question is his faith: what, in his understanding, will be responsible for his actions? One of the options for realizing responsibility for actions is karma. The law of karma realizes the consequences of a person's actions, both positive and negative, and thus makes a person responsible for his life, for all the suffering and pleasure that it brings him. And if you think about this option (as well as any other), one more question will appear - is it true? Is there karma? ...

We are a trio of composers from St. Petersburg. Our mission is to write music. Our style is metal in its broadest sense. Each of our tracks is a symbiosis of a unique idea twisted to a state of general perception. Without boundaries in creativity and self-expression, we were given the most defining label - electronic metal But we are not limited to writing only music. Not having our own permanent vocalist, so as not to limit ourselves to the scope of one vocal timbre, we cooperate exclusively with guest vocalists. Thanks to these wonderful people, we can tell our listeners through the lyrics of our songs our stories. Each album has its own coherent story. We invite you to immerse yourself in our world, a world where the main question is one - is there karma? Guess.. 

Frost - Guitars, Bass, Electronics, Remixes
Steel - Guitars, Bass, Electronics

Kost - Guitars, Bass, Electronics

Remix contests wins:

2011 1st Place Celldweller - The Lucky One (Base Jumping Mix by GReeNOX and G.U.A.R.A.N.O.(KharmaGuess)in Collab Contest 
2012 1st Place Christina Marie Magenta - Lunatic (HarD MiX By KharmaGuess) 
2012 5th Place Christina Marie Magenta - Loyalty (Metal MiX By KharmaGuess)
2016 2nd Place John R1se - Empyrean (KharmaGuess remix) 
2016 2nd Place Christina Marie Magenta - Crush (KharmaGuess remix)

PH: Vadim Aleksensky

PH: Vadim Aleksensky